Web design Indonesia, Multi language web design Solo IndonesiaWongso offers freelance web design Solo Indonesia and web development, Search engine optimization (SEO), web maintenance based in Solo, Indonesia. Digital marketing and IT support. Wongso also received web maintenance, search engine optimization (SEO), Social media optimization (SMO) to get your ROI get back soon. Read more on wongso blog.

Freelance web design Solo & Web design Indonesia

We are a freelance web design and development company.
We focus on WEB DESIGN & SEO on target.

Good Design, Good SEO, Good Business

Our business is successful when our has client succeed to reach their goals. There are no big or small in our dictionary, every little business has to be successful and we have to make it work. It’s been on our blood and our standard operating procedure, that all our customer will get.

Success is when our customer achieve their goals

Responsive Web, Fast load Web, Easy to Find

  • Responsive Website
    Why Responsive Web Design?
    The purpose of responsive design is to have one site, but with different elements that respond differently when viewed on any devices of different sizes like on desktop, laptop & smartphone.
  • Easy to Find
    You have make sure you website are easy to find on several search engine especially Google, Bing and Yahoo …. if not, you build your business on the jungle
  • Fast load Web
    A fast loading website help to improve our websites load time. This was probably due to poor internet speed, lack of options, network settings or they didn’t have the sophisticated gadgets as they have it today. Pages taking extra time to load can bounce off visitors before they arrive on your site.

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Wongso workshop is freelance web design Solo Indonesia and focus on web design and SEO on target.